Turun Linna

These are photos that Rick and I took on our trip to Turun Linna (Turku Castle). I had been to Turku before and seen the castle from the outside. Frankly I wasn’t that impressed with it. You hear “castle” and you think of a sort of mad king thing with lots of cute towers and crenelations and stuff. Turku Castle is very plain looking, expecially from the outside.

Exterior of castle Exterior of castle 2 Exterior of castle 3

But you need only step into the courtyard, and you think, this looks just like a real castle.

Castle gate Turun Linna courtyard Turun Linna courtyard 2 Turun Linna courtyard 3

The castle is made up of the oldest part, which is the building in the middle of the courtyard, and the renaissance part, which surrounds the courtyard. Pretty much the entire thing is a museum, and it takes hours and hours to go through all the labyrinthine passageways and chambers. We found it so interesting that we went there two days in a row.

Castle Stairway Castle window Castle passageway

The rooms are arranged in the style of different periods when the castle was used for different functions, from when it was first built more than 700 years ago until the 1800s.

Turun Linna Medieval rooms Golden Decor Castle kitchen Castle chair Renaissance room

I can’t resist also mentioning that inside the castle there is an entire miniature castle, full of miniature objects and people. You can also play dress-up.

Tiny party 2 Tiny party Old hat
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