Picture Quiz: Inscrutable Finnish Shopfronts

When Rick was visiting me in Helsinki, I came home from work one day and noticed that he had bought dandruff shampoo and medicated soap. When I asked where he got them, he said he bought them from a pharmacy. I told him you can get ordinary shampoo and soap from the grocery store. But he said he couldn’t find a grocery store, which was funny, because you can’t spit in Helsinki without hitting a grocery store. The thing is, you can’t see inside a lot of the shops here, and if you don’t speak Finnish it can be very difficult to tell what the heck a shop sells.

But there are clues in most of these pictures to help you figure out what these shops sell. Can you find the clues and guess what kinds of shops these are?

Suutari Rautakauppa Valintatalo

Pantti Alko Hautaustoimisto

Apotek Työasupalvelu Keittiöt

Tapetit Hautaustoimisto 2 Abloy

Pesuheikki Alepa

Click the thumbnail pictures to get a better look. Answer page provided (but that doesn’t mean you can cheat).

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