Snowy Eastern Washington

Here are some photos Rick and I took on our annual Christmas trip to eastern Washington.

My mother’s back yard was sparkling with snow.

Ash berries

Sparkling snow

Backyard shadows

Snapped some pictures from the car as we drove west out of Spokane on the 27th.

Little lake


High desert

Then we visited friends in Sprague.

Sprague station

Sprague mainstreet

Sprague streetcorner

Nativity scene

Sprague Christmas tree

Kathy’s grocery

Sprague senior center kitchen

Old highway

Sagebrush in snow

Grass and chainlink fence

Red bush and pipes

There was the usual traffic jam on Snoqualmie pass, which gave me an opportunity to roll down the window and take some pictures of the snowy slopes.

Snoqualmie trees


Traffic jam

Old trunks

Rocks and trees

Guard rail

Power lines


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