Young Miss Magazine from 1971

Here are some scans of a few pages of the March, 1971 issue of Young Miss magazine. According to the cover, it was formerly known as Calling All Girls, which is a much better name, in my opinion, but I guess it was passé in March of 1971.

Young Miss Cover

This magazine laid around our house for years when I was a kid. I think one of my older sisters subscribed to it. I ran into this issue in a box of old magazines in my mother’s house, and brought it here to you.

The table of contents is kinda interesting.

Young Miss Contents

As you can see, it’s a mixture of fun fiction, historically fascinating fashion tips for 12 to 16 year olds, and sheer inanity. My favorite part of the magazine was the regular feature called Was My Face Red, which consisted of readers sending in descriptions of embarrassing moments.

Was My Face Red

There were also fashion spreads which look more interesting now than they did back then. The style of modeling itself was different then. I was going to say it was weird, but of course today’s style of fashion modeling is much weirder.Fashion Spread

Fashion Spread 2

Then, as now, there were articles about how to waste hours of your time making useless little doodads that would later decorate the shelves above the women’s sweaters at the thrift store.

Let’s Do It!

And Jokes, which is cool. Some of these are quite amusing.


And then, as now, magazines aimed at girls and women were a painful mixture of exhortations to be yourself and tomes of advice about how to alter your personality and appearance. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Do Your Own Thing

Do Your Own Thing 2


  1. Thank you for having this website. I remember my friend having this magazine so vividly. And especially the “Was my Face Red section”. We were reminising all these years later and sure enough here it is to prove I’m not looney. It was a great memory to go through with her. Great site.

  2. I believe that’s the issue that my former friend ripped out of my hands and threw away when I was at her house for a sleepover in early 1971. We were in 7th grade. She was a bully (probably still is; I broke off contact with her years ago) and threatened me not to read in her presence because it was rude. So I waited until she was asleep, took out the magazine and started to read. She woke up, said my flashlight under the covers hurt her eyes, and proceeded to destroy my magazine. It always frustrated me because I was reading that “Kidnapped” story. I never got to see how it came out. 😦

  3. Oh how I wish i still had my back issues. I remember loving the fiction stories. I bet the advertisements are even a hoot now.

    Thanks for putting this up here. I liked the stop on Memory Lane!

  4. Do you have archives back to 1976? Looking for the Miss Drill Team USA Winners from East Los Angeles College for a reunion.

  5. Fabulous to see one of these again. I enjoyed it very much. I am looking for a recipe. Did you keep them? I can’t remember the issue. Probably mid to late 60s.

    Recipe was Coconut Pie Crust. It was made with coconut, powder sugar and butter. I can’t remember quantities or baking instructions.

    Anyone have it I would love it.

    Thank you for the memories

  6. I absolutely loved Young Miss, especially Was My Face Red. My older brother and younger sister used to love it as much as me. The three of us always went straight to that section and shared a laugh. Thanks for sharing!

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