Ingres Pencil Drawings

I remember studying the paintings of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres in art history class, but I didn’t learn until much later that he was a master of pencil drawing, and particularly of pencil portraits. I first saw reproductions of Ingres’ pencil drawings in the fascinating book The Painted Witch, by Edwin Mullins. In it, Mullins (the creator of the BBC series 100 Great Paintings) discusses the portrayal of women in European art through the centuries, and includes a wonderful discussion of several artists who have shown particular empathy and insight into women, Including Ingres.

Here are some of Ingres’ delightful and perceptive family portraits in pencil.

Lethier Family portrait

Bonaparte family portrait

Woodhead family portrait

Kaunitz sisters portrait

Stamaty family portrait

Click and zoom on the pictures for a closer look.

Images are from The Republic of Pemberley, an encyclopedic site dedicated to Jane Austen and her era.


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