Arches National Park

We spent yesterday traipsing around Arches National Park, where they have all the pretty rocks.

There are lots of arches there. This is called Landscape Arch. It used to be called Delicate Arch, but a mapmaker got the two arches confused, and now the one that’s called Delicate Arch is much less delicate than Landscape Arch. About fifteen years ago, a slab of rock the size of a house fell off of this arch and nearly killed a bunch of tourists. But they heard it start to crack and got out of the way.

It’s a short walk to this spot, called Wall Arch.

Then we went over the “primitive trail” through a sandy valley among the yucca and prickly pear.

There were rocks there that reminded me of Easter Island.

Rick found a dried-up coyote turd and broke it open to see what was inside. He likes to do that. He found a lot of little bones and fur.

We saw a lot of lizards.

We had a picnic on a rock looking out over Salt Valley, which I think is the most beautiful thing in the park. There are all kinds of mineral deposits that make the hills multicolored, and some of them even sparkle, although that doesn’t show in the pictures, unfortunately.

Then we hiked up to the misnamed Delicate Arch. On the way you pass an old abandoned ranch along the creek. Isn’t it strange the way the timbers turned green? The dead logs on the ground were green, too.

It’s a wonderful hike, high up among the rocky hills, where the flowers are blooming.

The arch is at the very top.


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