Zion National Park

After the harsh environments on our trip thus far, Zion National Park, on the green banks of the Virgin River , was very refreshing.

The eastern entrance to the park is the Mt. Carmel highway, which begins with the Thunderbird Restaurant.

The highway twists and turns and tunnels through swirling sandstone clifftops that look like spun candy.

The canyon floor, along the river, is very different.

There’s even a desert swamp there.

The Hidden Canyon trail was a bit more adventurous than we had in mind, but it offered some beautiful views.

That’s the park shuttle bus down below. All of the national parks we’ve visited have shuttle buses nowadays, that take you to the trailheads, picnic areas, etc. There are no cars allowed at all now in Zion Canyon, except for those who are staying at the lodge. We say two thumbs up.

The Emerald Pools trail is really lovely.


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