The California and Oregon Coasts

I’m finally getting around to posting the last of our road trip photos. We were very impressed with the oaks and vinyards of the old gold rush region in central California, where there were already delicious strawberries for sale along the road (!).

I think one of the reasons it’s taken a while to post these photos is that California and Oregon aren’t as exotic to us as the desert. As we approached the coast, there were signs that we were nearing our damp northern homeland.

But the Mendocino coast was quite different than the coast of Washington. There were seals birthing on the beach. We actually saw a seal with its umbilical cord still connected to its mother.

The dunes above the beach were covered with strange flowers.

And poppies.

On our way north, we stopped at Confusion Hill, a ramshackle roadside attraction on the southern edge of the Redwoods.

The main attraction at Confusion Hill is the Gravity House, which was a hoot.

There are tons of little old-fashioned tourist traps on the winding coast highway, and some spectacular views.

We camped in the Redwoods for a couple of days. The most beautiful spot we visited was Stout Grove. We thought it was named for the stoutness of its trees, but it turns out it’s named after someone named Stout.

We were like little elves among the giant trees.

Our last tourist stop was at Sea Lion Caves, a sea cave that is almost continuously inhabited by sea lions. You reach the cave in an elevator that descends 300 feet through the rock. I must say, it was much niftier than I thought it would be, or as Rick says, “less disappointing than I expected”.


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