Ads from 1940 Look Magazine

Having just been reading about the second world war, I found this March, 1940 Look magazine that Rick brought home particularly fascinating. As usual, the ads are as interesting as the articles.

I didn’t know that Kraft dinners were already around in 1940.

Last year I posted an ad from a 1926 magazine recommending Lysol as a douche. Looks like they were still marketing themselves that way in 1940. This ad makes it a bit more clear that they’re talking about birth control as well as “daintiness” –

“Lysol” is a powerful germicide, active under practical conditions, effective in the presence of organic matter (such as dirt, mucus, serum, etc)… “Lysol” solutions spread because of a low surface tension, and thus virtually search out germs…

There are also plenty of ads for men’s personal products.

I thought these ads for car accessories were interesting. I think that turn signals were already standard equipment in cars in 1940, and that these were meant for retrofitting older cars.

And, lastly, greasy kid stuff. Don’t forget that slick, shiny hair will make you look like a glamor boy.

Brought to you by The Chawed Rosin


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