The Golden Treasury of Natural History

Scroll down to see more illustrations from the Golden Treasury of Natural History.


Rick says he always liked the pictures of dinosaurs. He said this one makes him think of potato chips.


I, on the other hand, am a sucker for maps and charts, like these.

Origins of vegetables

Origins of fruit

Gravity chart

Animal size chart

Or illustrations of the life cycle of plants, like this one.

Food factories

But the inside cover has the grooviest pictures.


  1. I still have my copy from when I first received it back in the early 80’s. Yep, I spent hours looking at this book as a kid. They don’t make books like these anymore. The plesiosaur illustration always creeped me out and still does lol. This may sound weird but the book has even retained its “unique” scent all this time.

  2. I have also owned books with a distinct scent that lasts for decades.

  3. I also got one though the front cover is more colorful, tried my best to preserve it and pass this treasure to the next generation…but more as a keepsake beautiful book of arts as they may prefer an ebook on ipad without the scent…may be they will keep their ipad like we keep our book?
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Absolutely one of my all-time favorite books–made me a dinosaur freak forever! In fact, I loved the illustrations so much, I carefully cut them out of the book with scissors, so I could play with them. Alas, I soon discovered I couldn’t put them back in…

  5. *sigh*

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